What To Eat On A Keto Diet?

The Ketogenic diet or “keto diet” is one type of diet that is on the rise in many countries. It delivers a completely new approach to losing weight where it is about having more healthy fat through your diet and almost no carbohydrates.

The belief behind this approach is that your body really does not need carbohydrates as a source of fuel. Carbohydrates are sort of “artificial” and made only to make us feel full and satisfied. The belief is that carbohydrates will not do you any good, and fat is a much better source of fuel.

It is a diet that touted as an effective health discovery for weight loss by doctors and bloggers worldwide. The Ketogenic diet requires reducing carbohydrate consumption and simultaneously increasing the amount of fat consumed by a person.

The Combination Of Nutrients

The combination of nutrients in this diet aims to change the body’s metabolism from the original use of sugar and carbohydrates as fuel into combustion using Ketones produced by the liver.

When the body uses Ketones as a fuel source, the person will be in the Ketosis phase, a condition in which the body burns fat as a fuel for energy, which is the goal of the Keto diet. Meanwhile, Ketones that are not used by the body will be removed by the kidneys through urine.

Then people discover what to eat on the Keto diet. Before going to it, you have to know the side benefit of this diet.

The effects of the body in the Ketosis phase are reduced fat levels in the body and weight loss. Besides being able to lose weight, the Keto diet is also said to be beneficial for:

  • Promote a significant fat loss in your problem areas
  • Prevent and help treat cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer, and neuro-degenerative diseases;
  • Reducing inflammation;
  • Make genes in the body healthier by reducing free radicals, and so on.

How Do You Get Started On The Keto Diet?

You might ask what to eat on the Keto diet?

Here it is not enough just to read this article only, because it is important to have a basic rule and understanding of Keto. You must know the holistic system you need to do for weight loss with Keto.

To do a Keto diet, your calorie consumption should consist of 80% healthy fat and 20% protein. You also have to limit carbohydrate consumption to less than 50 grams per day.

A good ratio for the Keto diet is 4: 1, which is 4 for healthy fats and protein, compared to 1 for carbohydrates. If you only eat fat like 20% of your whole food in your daily meal, then you have to take more than 60% and then you are only allowed to consume carbohydrates less than 10% or 5%.

You could eat meat like steak, turkey, and fat from fish like tuna and salmon. Then you are not allowed to eat veggies with high carbohydrates like potatoes and fruits except strawberries and avocado.

What If I Am Not Seeing Any Progress?

If you are not seeing any progress from this method it is likely because your body is not in ketosis. Sometimes when you think you are eating right, there are still are the hidden calories and carbohydrates. It can be a simple food item as ketchup, sauces, or because you forgot that you put sugar in your coffee in the mornings.

What you can do here is to make things a little easier for yourself, by using so-called BHB salts together with your diet. You can get those from supplements such as Keto Advanced weight loss 800 mg or Alkatone Keto. BHB salts will deliver up to 78% of the ketones needed to get in ketosis and therefore make it an easier process to lose weight using the Keto Diet.