5 Ways to Get High Testosterone Levels For Better Male Health

So you are looking around online trying to figure out how you too can get high testosterone levels? Perhaps you are not happy with the results you see so far in the gym? Or you are just concerned about having low levels of testosterone!

If you can recognize some of the above, then spend the next 5 to 10 minutes on this article. Here we are going to give you five ways to get high testosterone levels all-naturally.

What are High Levels of Testosterone?

When we are talking about high testosterone levels in this article, we are not talking about raising your testosterone levels up to 5, 10, or 18 times greater than average as with professional wrestler Chris Benoit, who ended up killing his wife.

We are referring to having stable, healthy levels of testosterone that will benefit your muscle building, sex life, and overall male health. Testosterone levels will make it easier for you to build lean muscles and have a happy life as a man.

Let’s get started to take a closer look at how to get high levels of testosterone.

Losing Weight

weight loss

It is almost obvious but losing weight is a very effective way to increase your testosterone levels. It also gives you the benefit to make your sex life a lot easier. No longer will you run out of breath right during intercourse.

For guys who are working out, carrying a little bit too much fat on your body? It actually pays off the get rid of it. Even if you are big now, getting the definition a weight loss can give you will make you stand out.

A supplement like Phen Q might be what you are looking for here.

Get Some Eggs in The Morning

The days where you were eating 6 to 10 eggs whites each morning are over. It is kind of sad for the chicken throwing away half of the egg. It is also kind of irresponsible when we look at starving kids in Africa!

But, having two whole eggs in the morning is much better than eating all these egg whites. The yolk in eggs is an excellent source of proteins, minerals, and vitamins. The yolk also gives you good cholesterol that you need to produce testosterone.

But, remember don’t exceed two whole eggs in the morning. And remember, it is equal to 4 eggs whites. To get a little bit more protein, you can squeeze in some lean chicken meat of fish extra for breakfast.

Make Sure You Are Getting Your Zinc

Zinc is another ingredient that is crucial when you want to produce more testosterone. It is also a vital component in semen, so more zinc will improve the quality of your sperm and give you better orgasms.

When speaking of zinc, it is important to remember that more of it will not give you better results. Too much zinc will have a toxic effect on your body, so stick to a recommendation of 15 to 25 mg.

High-Intensity Training

Give it all you got for 50 minutes or so and your testosterone levels will get higher. A good way to do high-intensity training is by combining cardio with resistance training.

An example is you are doing one set of each exercise, moving on to the next with no break in between. Then you mix it up doing some burpees in between your sets as well. This mix it up will get you in magnificent shape in no time.

In the video below you can see how to perform a burpee.

Build More Lean Muscles

If you are already working out to build lean muscles and strength, you are well on your way to getting higher testosterone levels. Remember, just be patience, injecting yourself with anabolic steroids is not a recommended solution.

Also keep in mind, that working out is a part of the process, love what you are doing and enjoy the ride. Your testosterone levels are going to get high.

Finally The Supplement We Recommend

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Here you will also find a review of Testogen a powerful testosterone booster that can help you to get your levels back. It is not one of these magic solution supplements that promise you fast gains overnight. But it will speed up the process so you can get your testosterone levels back in place a lot faster.

Here you are going to get a couple of all-natural ingredients that effectively can help you to get high testosterone levels. It does not go as fast as steroid injections but it a much safer way to get more testosterone.